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The Ramayan Podcast is an episodic reading in English of Sri Ramacharitramanas (The Lake of Exploits of Shri Ram) by Saint Tulsidas, a popular version of the epic, The Ramayana.

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes in length and is posted one to two times a month.

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This House Is On Fire

Ramayan Episodes (right-click and choose "Save As" to download)

Episode 1 - A 30-minute segment from BalKand, the first book of the Ramayan, telling stories which preface the birth of Lord Rama.
Episode 2 - The conclusion of the story of King Pratapabanu and his rebirth as the demon king Ravana.
Episode 3 - The birth of Lord Rama.
Episode 4 - Rama and Lakshman's journey with the sage Vishvamitra.
Episode 5 - In Mithila, Ram and Sita see each other for the first time.
Episode 6 - Rama breaks the bow of Shiva and wins Sita's hand.
Episode 7 - The Confrontation with Parasurama; Preparations for the wedding
Episode 8 - Dasharatha travels to Mithila for the wedding of Rama and Sita
Episode 9 - The wedding of Rama and Sita
Episode 10 - Rama and family return to Ayodhya
Episode 11 - The bridal party is welcomed; the end of the Bal Kand
Episode 12 - The beginning of the Ayodhya Kand: Dasharatha decides to make Rama his Regent. Preparations begin.
                     Kaikeyi's maidservant hatches her plot
Episode 13 - As Ayodhya prepares for Rama's coronation, Queen Kaikeyi makes a startling demand
Episode 14 - Rama prepares for exile, speaking with Kausalya and Sita
Episode 15 - Rama, Sita, and Lakshman leave Ayodhya
Episode 16 - The two Princes and Sita ferry across the Ganges and journey to Prayag

Episode 17 - Rama, Sita and Lakshman meet the sage Valmiki and travel to Chitrakuta

Episode 18 - Sumantra returns to Ayodhya and reports to the King. Dasharatha leaves his body.
                     Bharata returns home and confronts his mother.

Episode 19 - Bharata rejects the throne and decides to find Rama in the forest.
Episode 20 - Bharat begins his expedition into the forest. He meets the sage Bharadvaja at Prayag.
Episode 21 - Bharat is the guest of the sage Bharadvaja at Prayag, then continues his search for Rama.
Episode 22 - Bharat's party reaches Rama, Lakshman and Sita at Chitrakut.
Episode 23 - Will Shri Rama return to Ayodhya?
Episode 24 - King Janak arrives in the forest.
Episode 25 - A decision is made; Rama gives Bharat his command.
Episode 26 - Bharat obeys Rama's command and returns to Ayodhya.
Episode 27 - The end of the Ayodhya Kand.

Episode 28 - The beginning of the Aranya Kand (book 3 of the Ramacharitramanas). Rama, Lakshman and Sita roam the forest.
                     Rama makes a vow.

Episode 29 - Ravana kidnaps Sita!
Episode 30 - Rama begins his search for Sita. He discourses to Lakshman and the celestial sage, Narada.
Episode 31 - The beginning of the Kishkinda Kand. Rama and Lakshman meet Hanuman and Sugriva.
Episode 32 - The end of the Kishkinda Kand. Hanuman learns the whereabouts of Sita!
Episode 33 - The beginning of the Sundar Kand. Hanuman flies to Lanka to find Sita.
Episode 34 - Hanuman is captured. The burning of Lanka. Rama's army marches to the sea. Ravana rejects sage advice.
Episode 35 - The end of the Sundar Kand.

The opening and closing music of each episode is from a recording by Shri Anandi Ma.


Shri Anandi Ma

Shri Anandi Ma is a master and teacher of Kundalini Maha Yoga and the spiritual leader of Dhyanyoga Centers. She is spiritual heir to Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. For more information on Kundalini Maha Yoga, or to obtain recordings by Shri Anandi Ma, please visit www.dyc.org.